Do something about that color, willya?

I found a perfect little castle for the current piece, except it was really...
Like an abandon-all-self-determination-ye-who-enter-here shade of pink. The castle used to be the base of a wire photo holder, with a fairy on top. Gaaaah. Thank goodness for acrylics.
Covered the offending color with white, but it took some work to get it looking less like I stole it from one of The Boy's female friends. (Um, I didn't steal it from any of The Boy's friends.)

Even the pink bricks aren't so obnoxious now they have a little moss growing on them. Another reason I had to knock down all that pink: There's already a lot of purple in this piece.

Pink and purple? Noooo. Even if I had a daughter, there wouldn't be a pink-and-purple room in my own house. Onward.