Artfest, Day 1-We're here!

Welcome to the Artfest 2011 recap, Part One. We're out of the car and we're here!
And someone thinks it's really freakin' cold.
Before Tally-the-weather-weenie-from-L.A. and I headed to our home-away-from-home in the Fort Worden officer housing, I set up my pieces in the gallery space. Artfest allows you to exhibit pieces you've made, for free, and you can sell them if you like.
From prior experience, I wasn't expecting to sell either of the pieces I brought; I just wanted eyeballs on the art.
And I got compliments right away, which was lovely. One of them from Michael deMeng, my instructor for "Strange Angels," who was chatting with someone nearby. Another compliment from the mother of my second instructor Andrea Matus ("Veils of Psyche") -- Katarina loved the layering. Why, thank you -- you're too kind.
Then it was off to our house, 10-E, which stands for "there's a bunch of excellent artists who also happen to be total tens in the looks department."
Coincidentally, that's the east end of the same house we had last year. Kinda hard to unpack while I'm handing out hugs to all my art peeps, whom I only see online because we're all scattered. Hey, Julie! Gonna take some pictures this year?
So I didn't bother.Off to dinner and the Opening Ceremony. (Look -- a photo taken from a distance that's not ridiculously dark!)
Teesha and Tracy Moore, the organizers, lay out a few ground rules, but it's mostly welcome and inspiration time. The instructors also introduce themselves, which is especially great if you've never taken a class with them before. Here's Jesse Reno...
Andrea Matus...
... and Michael deMeng, among many others. 
After the instructors' hellos, Teesha introduced a woman who discussed chakras and how they relate to creativity... she had us breathe and visualize stuff to inspire us. But I have to say, it brought the mood down from giddy excitement to peace-like-a-river contemplation. Not nearly as fun as last year's surprise dance rave: 
Bring back Surrealized for next year's Artfest!
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