Did you survive the sugar crash of 2011?

I guess I'm still making the transition from recipient-of-holiday-cheer to giver of same.
This is only the second holiday that I've gotten more organized and motivated to decorate for various holidays.
I don't know if I'd've bothered to paint Easter-themed silhouettes on wooden eggs (thanks, Urban Comfort!) if it were just for me and The Husband. But now that The Boy and TwoBoo are now old enough to get excited about the candy the festivities...

I remember all the work my mom put into giving me holiday memories. So even though I still waited until the last minute to put together the Easter baskets and paint the eggs, I did get them done. Even with the prospect of two guaranteed sugar highs and crashes in our future.

Good idea for working off the sugar high: chase soap bubbles outside. Also: try to give the older one a cold so he wants to sit down and read or watch tv during the sugar crash.

I don't know if I'll ever be ready to make Easter dinner... the idea of holiday cooking still gives me hives. But I'm thinking ahead for the next major holiday. Who wants to invite me and the family over for Independence Day? We'll The Husband will bring a side dish, I promise!