Makin' friends, influencin' people

Now I know what my art looks like in a dedicated gallery space!

One piece is just too lonely. It needs me to make it lots of friends to keep it company.
The Juried Art Show was, as promised, a venue for a wide variety of artworks. Like the time machine by Steven Lestat (yes, that's his real last name)...
and the glass vessels by Delores Taylor. (I didn't touch it even though I reallyreallyreally wanted to.)
It turns out Delores is a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, as are four other artists in this show.

She liked my piece and thought I should consider joining the group... networking, all that good stuff. One thing I learned just in that conversation: I might've gotten both assemblages into the show if I'd said they were two halves of one piece. Ohhh... I have much to learn.
You can still see my piece until August 27th at the Schack Art Center.
Posted on June 30, 2011 and filed under "Schack Art Center", "art shows", "assemblage".