Makin' friends, influencin' people

Now I know what my art looks like in a dedicated gallery space!

One piece is just too lonely. It needs me to make it lots of friends to keep it company.
The Juried Art Show was, as promised, a venue for a wide variety of artworks. Like the time machine by Steven Lestat (yes, that's his real last name)...
and the glass vessels by Delores Taylor. (I didn't touch it even though I reallyreallyreally wanted to.)
It turns out Delores is a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, as are four other artists in this show.

She liked my piece and thought I should consider joining the group... networking, all that good stuff. One thing I learned just in that conversation: I might've gotten both assemblages into the show if I'd said they were two halves of one piece. Ohhh... I have much to learn.
You can still see my piece until August 27th at the Schack Art Center.