Next "Destination: Creativity"

[train whistle blowing] Welcome to the first weekend stop on the blog tour for Destination: Creativity!
Courtesy North Light Books
You'd think I've known the author, Ricë Freeman-Zachery, ever since we went to kindergarten together. Not really: she's more the big sister I never got to torture, and we've only seen each other in person twice, at art retreats. Like when I got to hang out with her and her photographer/husband Earl Zachery at Artfest 2010 during their research for Destination: Creativity -- The Life-Altering Journey of the Art Retreat.
But we see each other online all the time, so every day's a little reminder. How about we celebrate the fun of art retreats with a giveaway?

[ahem] How about we celebrate with a giveaway?

Two freebies, actually! To any address in the US, Ricë will send you a free copy of Destination: Creativity!
On top of that, if you comment on this post via Twitter or my Facebook page, I'll send you a "starter art retreat memory book!"
No fear of the blank page -- I've inserted a few Artfest 2010 photos from both of us to get you started!
You fill in the rest with your own photos: from a retreat you've already attended, from an art play date with a friend... just think what you could do with it.

Here's how you enter to win the giveaway:
  1. Comment on this post (here, Twitter, or Facebook) no later than Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 5pm(PST). 
  2. Check back next Friday, October 14, 2011 to see if you're the winner. 
  3. If you won, email your mailing address to yolisalisa at gmail dot com by Tuesday, October 18th at 5pm(PST). Again, to keep shipping costs down, the prizes go to folks with addresses in the US.
I hear Ricë is going to have a grand prize too, so if I were you [looks left and right, checking for spies]... I'd keep checking Ricë's blog throughout the tour. Here are the whistle stops:

Monday, Oct. 3--Melanie Testa @
Tuesday, Oct. 4--Seth Apter @
Wednesday, Oct. 5--Mary Beth Shaw @
Thursday, Oct. 6--Carla Sonheim @
Friday, Oct. 7--Lisa Myers Bulmash @
Saturday, Oct. 8--Melissa Manley @
Sunday, Oct. 9--Deryn Mentock @
Monday, Oct. 10--Jen Cushman @

Remember: comment by October 12th and check back to see if you won on October 14th!