All "Worked" out

Another season of "Work of Art" is in the can, and I don't know if I care whether it comes back. This season's winner: Kymia, bless her poor anxious self.

She was moody, yeah, but so genuinely open and appreciative when the judges liked her work. Even so, I still didn't connect with these contestants like I did with those from the first season. Not even enough to come up with mocking nicknames.
Courtesy Bravo TV
Yes, I watched, but in the same way I watch The Husband's cooking show competitions: see if I can predict the judges' criticisms. I hate to say it, but there didn't seem to be enough sociopaths or unreasonable deadlines. I am grateful for them scaling back on the absurdly obvious product placement. But man, Bravo has got to come up with a show-specific, compelling element. Otherwise I might as well be watching, I dunno, "Celebrity Cook-off." That one isn't even on the air yet, and I already know there's no reason to watch.