"Curated" vs. "selected"

When did the word "curated" become a thing?
I get using the word "curated" to mean "carefully selected," as used by The Jealous Curator. As the sub-title says, it's "a collection of artwork that inspires and depresses me. I know it's good when I'm left thinking DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT." But now I'm seeing "curated" on 'membership only' style e-commerce sites.
Yes, the items on these sites are quite attractive, often well-designed, and some are actual art pieces. But come on. Does "curated" really belong on a sales site? What, is "selected" too understandable by the unwashed masses? I'm not the only one asking this question.
Call me literal, but  I think "curated" implies a certain level of artistic training and academic research into the subject. (The Jealous Curator has a BFA and a design diploma, plus several years' experience as a designer and creative director.) Yes, you can earn a degree in marketing and become an expert. I get that.

But it's as if some of the e-commerce sites are trying to convince me marketing items that might be discussed in an art history class is the same as teaching an art history class.

I don't like being manipulated (well, overtly manipulated anyway). Yes, these sites are interesting. But they're not so rare and unique that it's worth begging for an invitation to shop there. [eye-roll] I have to beg to offer you my money? Really?

EDIT: I can think of a couple of e-commerce sites, like Artful Home, for which "curating" makes sense because they're mostly about art and design. But the rest of it? "Our products are Art because we're selling them at such a high price we've decided to call them 'investment pieces.' "

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