Paint supplies crush

I would totally try to eat this if I were two years old.
You might remember I showed two assemblages in Fraker/Scott Gallery's ICON group show last summer. Although I didn't sell the pieces, I did win a prize -- whoo-hoo! -- a gift certificate to buy all the Golden artist supplies I could get for $100. Guess whose presents came in the mail yesterday?!
When I won the prize, the gallery owners said they wanted to encourage me to keep making art, and to try new ideas.
So I bought several paints I'd seen before, but for which I didn't have a specific project in mind.
I also picked up some coarse pumice gel and gesso, but I think I'll exchange those for regular gel medium (matte) and extra-coarse pumice gel.
Now I want to crunch it between my teeth like hard candy. If you've read this far, I bet you do too.

The extra-coarse pumice gel could really enhance the cave-effect I'm going for in my work. And the regular gel medium I use as a barrier coat on paper, as well as glue for said paper.  Aaaaghghhh! I'm so excited I can barely think straight.

How are you using your own supplies right now? If you use acrylics, what are you using and how? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook. I'm on Pinterest now too: share your boards with me!