Artfest, night three: Show & Tell

It's great to be so absorbed in your own Artfest classes that you barely notice the time flying by. But it also means you have no idea how other people have been slinging paint, soldering metal, and generally getting their art on. Hence the Show & Tell gallery on the final night of Artfest.
Tally Oliveau with her Jesse Reno class pieces
Another doll from one of my Clarissa Callesen's "Steampunk Sally" classmates...
If I hadn't taken "Under Your Skin" with Erin Faith Allen, I'd have asked for the Soul Portrait Empowerment class. (Really, pretty much every photo I took was of classes I wish I'd sent my clone to take.) This piece was by Lili McGovern.
OMG. This one by Rita Roman, from Andrea Matus' "Dorian Gray Portrait" class. (The "sun" is a mirror).
Michael deMeng's Eye of Fatima class...
Clarissa Callesen's Wild Things...
Those were just a few of my favorites. Tune in tomorrow for the final wrap-up.

Posted on April 9, 2012 and filed under "Artfest".