Artfest, Vendor Night: worth a million in prizes

Cards by Andrea Matus
Maybe the cards above aren't literally worth a million in prizes, but I'm certainly willing to pay for what Andrea Matus does with her art. And when you go to Vendor Night, every year... 
Vendor Night, 2008
people rush the tables as if there were gold and precious gems there. Hey, come to think of it, there were!
LK Ludwig was selling paintings and necklaces of Picasso jasper, which is supposed to encourage creativity. Each one is named for an ancient god or goddess. The one she had in mind for me was Neith, "Egyptian goddess of war & arts. She rewove the world each day on her loom." Whoa. 'Scuse me while I go kick some ass and rebuild a planet. Speaking of craft...
I found some "witch/Kraft" Stephanie Rubiano was happy to let me take home, in a print.
Which/ witch, craft/Kraft. Hee hee... [sighs]... Love the puns. Oh, but you have to see what else I brought home. Mercy.
I was charmed by this piece by Lorraine Reynolds, my instructor from "Books Unbound." I love how contemplative it is, even if I don't know specifics of its narrative. It has that quality in common with a piece I bought last year from Andrea Matus.
Turns out I was Andrea's very first Vendor Night collector. I'm just happy I could help her and the other artists get the sales ball rolling, because cash is the only compliment you can pay bills with, amirite?

Tomorrow: going within for "Under Your Skin."