Hurray for art collectors!

You might remember one of my collectors (I love that word) fell in love with "Greener," the artwork based on stories about my mother. Let's call him the mysterious Mr. T. (That's him painting a sketch for the Sketchbook Project.)
Mr. T and I worked out an installment plan to purchase "Greener," and recently he just delivered the final payment! Whoo-hoo! He just graduated college, so his funds are a bit limited, but art is important enough to him to include it in his budget.

Speaking of collectors, I also want to thank two other collectors: Janine Shea and Glenda Hoagland, who between them added four smaller pieces to their own collections. Hopefully they've received their thank-you notes.

Have you learned something new from those who've collected your art, whether you gifted it to them or sold it to them? I'd really like to hear your take-away from those experiences. See you in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter.