Miss Lucy's debut

Isn't it time you had a little more steampunk in your life? Of course it is.
Let's join Miss Lucretia "Lucy" Pettigrew, relaxing in the garden in full Steampunk Sally gear, shall we?
Originally I was going to set the watch face, surrounded by copper tubing, on her chest. But it just seemed a bit much. Then I remembered, hey -- I have a ball tea strainer that would make it look like a pocket watch!
A green tag from my stash contrasted better against the rest of her clothing color palette. That tag turned into the base for a necklace hung on a chain of safety pins.
You might remember I said Miss Lucy's a bit of a firebug. She keeps a match within easy reach, in a bottle at the end of another safety pin chain woven into her curls. (Not gonna be easy to explain that to the authorities.)
And the goggles... putting them together from rubber scraps was so much fun I recommend making your own.
Miss Pettigrew will be joining me at the Artists' Garage Sale in mid-June. So if you'll be near Everett, Washington next month, come see us in person!