What's (still) in an artist's garage?

What's still in my garage after the Artists' Garage Sale at the Schack Art Center?... Well, here's what I started with.
An inside booth opened up at the last minute, ohthankGod. So I was allowed to set up the day before. (I added a black tablecloth early the next morning to class up the joint.) I scored a spot fairly close to the door. And despite the morning rain...
... bargain-hunters stacked themselves up at the door.
They LOOOVED the ATCs I made for the occasion and sold for a quarter each.
Several women helped me lighten the load of art magazines (a dollar each). And I cleared out a lot of scrapbook-y bits and bobs (a dime each) that I've never used. But the original pieces, even the camera phone photo prints for three dollars each?
Not. A. One. Lots of compliments on the original work, but still a wee bit disappointing since I was sitting next to a potter who couldn't wrap up his seconds fast enough for his customers. (The mugs he'd set up next to me were $4 each, to give you an idea of prices.)
Was the event

  1. a garage sale per se, as in "nothing over $2." or
  2. art and supplies so deeply discounted they're at 'garage sale' prices compared to other venues?

I need to ask around, but I'm pretty sure the buyers were thinking the former. So I really didn't need all the change I got from the bank. I earned a total of... $24.80.
At the end, I loaded up my inventory (around car seats and tae kwon do sparring pads that I forgot to take out before the event)...
... and I managed to get it all back to my own garage in one trip. Should I be happy I made a little over half the cost of the vendor fee? I don't know. How are your summer exhibitions going? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook.