Good image-transfer paper hunting

I have hoarding tendencies. There, I said it. So imagine my horror when I realized I was running out of the paper I use to do image transfers with water.
In order to do water transfers, you need crappy photo paper -- that is, paper whose color runs if it gets wet. So when you print out an image on this paper, then transfer it to a porous destination like watercolor paper, you should have a mirror image of the original. The imperfections are part of the charm.
The Plumber's Jealousy assemblage, background
I think I bought my first pack of JetPrint Multi-Project Glossy Paper back in 2008 for an LK Ludwig class, the first time I'd done water transfers. But that was the year I gave birth to TwoBoo, so my art-making -- and paper usage -- slowed down for a while. Now I can't find it anywhere locally. Even cheap photo paper seems to hold ink well now, dangit.
After consulting with someone who knows paper, I've learned you can do water transfers if you use LASER glossy paper in an INKJET printer. Inkjet color slides right off because the laser paper won't allow the ink to sink in.
I tried it out...
But the colors don't stay true and they don't come off quite as cleanly. Yes, I could use acetone or gel medium or packing tape to do transfers, but I like water transfers. They're non-toxic, fast and they produce a dreamy effect I love.

Then -- hallelujah! -- I found the good stuff at Collage Closet. Look how nicely they wrapped it up for me.

In an email, Linda Schultz explained why it's so hard to find JetPrint these days:
The Jet Print has not been produced for several years.  When it, and the Great White paper too, stopped being manufactured I purchased all I could find as I loved using both.  I have only 8 - 10 packages left of the Jet Print and the Great White has been gone for several years. Wish I could get more, but I have given-up searching for it.  I read that Great White was reproduced as a recycled paper product, but have not seen it for sale nor read anything about how it works for transfers.
She herself only has a limited supply left to sell -- and oh, how hard it was for me not to order the rest. I tend to buy things I like that way: buy more than one (unless it's really expensive) so I don't Run Out In the Middle of Things.
Believe it or not, I ordered only two packs, 60 sheets per box. But if you watch "Hoarders" someday and you see me buried under a mountain of paper like the Wicked Witch of the East under Dorothy's house, you'll know why.

When you do image transfers with water, what kind of paper do you use? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.