How many readers have you lost to Facebook?

Just realized I hardly ever check the RSS feed for the blogs I like to read; I check Facebook and read posts that appear there.
And I used to LOVE my blog roll, especially the art blogs. Waited for it to update like other people wait for stores to open for midnight-madness holiday shopping. I mentioned that I don't check my blog feeder much anymore, and a friend on Facebook agreed with me:
People will hate me for saying this, but I think the days of heavy blog following are dwindling. It's just too easy to do "one-stop shopping" at places like Facebook.
See? Exactly what I do: if it isn't in my feed (on Facebook or Twitter), I won't see it. Another friend who's a well-known jewelry artist told her followers/readers to join her on Facebook too. She hasn't written a blog post since January. Yet I've heard that maintaining a blog helps maintain your status as an expert on your chosen subject(s). Huh.

When was the last time you went directly to a blog? Tell me in the comments -- better yet, tell me on Facebook: That's where I spend most of my time these days.