Will someone decorate my house for Halloween, please?

I know Halloween is nearly here because our neighbors have decorated their front lawns.
It's not like I have to set up a mountain of pumpkins...
... or whip up a plague-doctor-style scarecrow straight out of Martha Stewart. 
But I still hate creating Holiday Atmosphere. (I know, it's part of the mommy job. I still hate it.) Thus I've managed to get almost all the way through October without putting up a single Halloween decoration. Unless you count the aggressive spiders that try to take over the world our laurel bushes this time of year.
I am depriving my poor children of good childhood memories. Any suggestions on quick decor that'll help me make it up to The Boy and TwoBoo (who mostly hasn't noticed because he's so in love with his Captain America costume)? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook; I'll  check for your ideas after I dig my pathetic Halloween wreath out of the closet.