Letting go of what no longer serves

TwoBoo's mission in life is to teach me lessons, even if it kills me. Yesterday's lesson: When you've outgrown something, take one last look and let it go.
It's past time to take that tricycle to Goodwill, right? "Noooo! I wanna ride my tricycle!" No idea where that impulse to hold on with a death grip comes from.
Which reminds me of this old-fashioned tugboat speed control at a local seafood restaurant. Every time I see it I want to take a picture, forgetting I already have like five photos. Kinda like how I keep forgetting to slow down and think before I snap at TwoBoo.
But for once, I paused... and let him ride the tricycle around for a few minutes instead of insisting he give it up so I could pack it up with the other unused items.
"Okay, Mama, I'm done with my tricycle. Take it to Goodwill now."

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