Missing Artfest? Me too.

This is the first spring in four years I haven't gone to Artfest, the dearly beloved/dearly departed art retreat held in Port Townsend, WA for the past 13 years.
It's not just the frenzy of trading precious bits of art... or even the amazing techniques I've learned there... it's missing the chance to let my freak flag fly with my besties, no apologies necessary.
There's a very good chance I'll see some of my Artfest friends later this spring, thank goodness. Here's what some of my other favorite Artfest peeps are now up to.
Teesha and Tracy Moore, the founders/organizers of Artfest, are now offering smaller, more intimate retreats closer to the Seattle area. Teesha's also offering her first online class, with co-instructor Jane Davenport.
Michael DeMeng and Andrea Matus DeMeng are about to team-teach at Art Is You-Nashville. (They got hitched New Year's Day 2012). They still teach separately as well.
For those of you who never experienced Artfest in person, here's a tribute, courtesy of filmmaker Andrea Kreuzhage of 1000 Journals. (Artfest veterans: get the tissue box. You might get a little weepy.)
Have you been to any retreats recently? Making any plans for a retreat later this year? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.