The last gift of 2013: time to plan 2014's art

Here's what I want for Christmas: I want Santa to convince everyone they can't live another day without a piece of my art. Failing that, I will be satisfied -- temporarily -- with sharing a train set with TwoBoo.
I'm truly grateful for the gifts I've already received from collectors I met in 2013, especially those at the Mill Creek Town Center Art Walk in August...
... and the collectors who braved the cold to visit the PNA Winter Festival.
What I'd also like would be more collectors buying from my Etsy shop, as well as those who want to see me again in person.
So the next few weeks (by which I mean "in my spare moments in the next few weeks") will be strategy/planning time for 2014. A few things to think about:
  • When to offer special discounts for collectors of my art
  • Deciding on the art fairs, art walks and exhibits to which I'll apply
  • New pins for the Artist Motherboard 
  • Inviting more friends to join my mailing list (are you on it?)
Evidently Santa's not the only one making a list and checking it twice. What are your art-related goals for 2014? Tell me in the comments or on Facebook.