Taking a leap into the artistic unknown

I've decided I want a career as an artist more than I am afraid of the risks that life entails.
So on June 16th, I step into a new job: full-time artist. hyperventilating with excitement With studio space and everything! Look look LOOOOOK!
I'm giving up my space at the edge of the kitchen (well, most of it. I'm rather territorial) for a place with fewer distractions and more support.
I kickstart this new life at the EDGE Professional Development Program for Visual Artists. For six weeks, I'll learn things like:
  • what a professional portfolio should look like
  • how to approach galleries that might be interested in my work
  • business concerns for artists
  • funding, exhibition and other opportunities
  • marketing/communications, including social media stuff
I'll go to class on Saturdays, then do my homework during the week. I've been out of school long enough to actually welcome the idea of homework and structure, so you know it's been a LOOOONG time. And yes, I will be prepping for a few shows and exhibiting my work at the same time. Plus, there's new work to photograph properly, in the shared photo space.
Hoo boy. I'm thinking I need one of those wall-sized calendars to map out my new life!