Save the date: "Fracture" opening

Next week, I’m looking forward to seeing how other artists define a “fracture.”

They Don't Really Feel Pain-detail.jpg

You might remember I dented a few eggshells to create “They Don’t Really Feel Pain.” My assemblage sculpture was accepted into “Fracture,” the latest exhibit at the Kirkland Arts Center. The curators wrap up their interpretation of the word like this:

Some fractures can heal and knit, mending what was sundered, bridging the gap. Or, they can be places weakened forever: landscape altered beyond recognition. Whatever the cause, and whether or not it is welcome, a fracture is a shock–and a sign that nothing will ever be quite the same.
— Sarra Scherb & Shayla M. Alarie, Quartz Projects
Kirkland Arts Center exterior-crop.jpg

I also appreciate the curators making space for my work in an impressive grouping of artists:

Before you get caught up in the rush of summer activities, would you make space on your calendar for the opening reception? It’s next Friday, June 28th, at 6pm. Hope to see you soon.