Serious play: teaching art classes

So... it's really gonna happen. In a couple of months, I'll start teaching classes! This week, I've been working on creating class samples:

The above collage is on an 8" x 8" wood panel, using specialty paper from ARTSpot and an wash of acrylic paint over one of my favorite images. The David Hockney quote is created using the paint-resist technique I'll be teaching in April. More info to come as soon as I have a link for you to click. (P.S. If you're on my newsletter mailing list, you'll get the details first! Go to the sidebar on the right to sign up.)

  Credit: Krissy Venosdale/Flickr

Credit: Krissy Venosdale/Flickr

FYI, each class will be very small -- about six people, so I can give my students more individualized attention. So when I say "go," register on the ARTSpot site and save your space ASAP. Got it?

Posted on January 30, 2015 and filed under art classes.