Edwin T Pratt

"Living the Dream" exhibit: Fingers crossed...

“Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” closes today, but I’m not sad. I’m like 99% sure I don’t have to bring home “Relatively Progressive”…

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

… because someone’s very interested in adding it to their collection!

As I said earlier, I felt almost compelled to create a piece for this exhibit: I use family photos in my work as often as I can, most recently in the Liberty Bank Building portraits. So it was a treat to use images from the Pratt Family Legacy Collection.

20190126_194617 - Copy.jpg

There’s a possibility someone else is interested in “Rare & Exquisite (CA)” as well.

20190126_195648 - Copy.jpg

Let’s hope both go to new homes, yeah? Fingers crossed.

Liberty Bank Building: when worlds converge

My art planets must be aligned this weekend: two pieces of Seattle history are converging, and I’ve made art inspired by both!

When the Liberty Bank Building apartments open for Saturday afternoon’s grand opening party, you’ll get the chance to see the collage portraits I made of the bank’s founders. Those pieces are permanently installed in the Residents’ Lounge… and I just found out Miriam Pratt will be one of the people living here!


We met a few months ago at the exhibit opening of “Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” which honored Miriam’s father Edwin Pratt. This year marks the 50th anniversary of his assassination., and honors his civil rights activism. At Shoreline City Hall, you can see artwork inspired by images from the Pratt family archives (now held by the Black Heritage Society of Washington) .

10-_B070337 - Copy.jpg

In a Seattle Medium interview , Miriam said her new home at Liberty Bank is just a few blocks away from where her parents lived before they moved to Shoreline. Talk about coming full-circle… this move sounds positively cinematic in its resolution.

LBB ribbon cutting banner.jpg

Come help her (and us artists) celebrate!

"... Mother" returns next week

It’s like Homecoming Week up in here: “Like Mother” opens its doors in North Seattle next Wednesday, this time at the North Seattle College art gallery.

Like Mother Poster-150.jpg

Notice there are two opportunities for you to see our work that day! If your schedule allows, you can join us that afternoon. If not, then join us in the early evening and wait out rush hour looking at art instead of sitting in traffic. I promise, it’s far more pleasant to breathe in the sweet smell of beeswax from Deborah Kapoor’s encaustic art installation.

Deborah Kapoor, “My Body, My Home”

Deborah Kapoor, “My Body, My Home”

Maybe you have to head home right away, though; I understand. Rest up on Friday, then join me Saturday evening in Shoreline for the opening of “Living the Dream.”

Lisa Myers Bulmash, “Relatively Progressive” (detail)

Lisa Myers Bulmash, “Relatively Progressive” (detail)

Photo of Edwin T. Pratt. Credit: Black Heritage Society of WA state

Photo of Edwin T. Pratt. Credit: Black Heritage Society of WA state

Hope to see you soon — maybe at both events!