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"Living the Dream" exhibit: Fingers crossed...

“Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” closes today, but I’m not sad. I’m like 99% sure I don’t have to bring home “Relatively Progressive”…

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

… because someone’s very interested in adding it to their collection!

As I said earlier, I felt almost compelled to create a piece for this exhibit: I use family photos in my work as often as I can, most recently in the Liberty Bank Building portraits. So it was a treat to use images from the Pratt Family Legacy Collection.

20190126_194617 - Copy.jpg

There’s a possibility someone else is interested in “Rare & Exquisite (CA)” as well.

20190126_195648 - Copy.jpg

Let’s hope both go to new homes, yeah? Fingers crossed.

Collecting art: the joy of anticipation

Before I go semi-incommunicado for Christmas, I wanted to share an early present I received recently: a thank-you note from someone with “a budding little art collection.”

Testimonial_ArracheTorn Away.jpg

This person’s anticipation of receiving their artwork soon kinda puts me in a holiday mood. I was one of those kids who savored the delicious agony of waiting for Christmas Day to arrive. Now, the feeling I get waiting to ship out the artwork feels almost as good as hearing it arrived safely. Only one more sleep — I mean, “installment” — until this collage heads to its permanent home!

Arrache-Torn Away.jpg

Happy holidays… and please let me know if you’d like to start 2019 with a new piece of art (or the first installment of a payment plan).

The time to collect art is NOW

Here's what I imagine happens in an art collector's brain when they decide they NEED to have that art in their lives:

collector LJ excited.jpg

When I delivered a collage to this new collector, I was privileged to see her reaction in real time. She and her husband had seen "Rare & Exquisite" in the show I curated at Columbia City Gallery...


... and the collage stopped them in their tracks. The husband loves maps, and he'd mentioned he would like "something more 3D" for this spot on the wall. 

R&E new home (1).jpg

If you've been itching to take home original art, you're in good company. This weekend, the Seattle Art Fair returns for its fourth summer, drawing collectors and art galleries from around the world.

Inaugural Seattle Art Fair, 2015

Inaugural Seattle Art Fair, 2015

A few things to remember:

  • Buy what you love (of course) and buy local if you can
  • Your support makes it possible for the artist to make MORE art (and pay their bills)
  • You can always pay for the work in installments -- just ask

One last thing: Wear comfortable shoes if you're going to the art fair. Wouldn't it be a shame if you had to leave your favorite new artwork at the booth/artist studio just because your poor feet couldn't support you for one more minute?