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Artwork purchase: and the new owner is...

I can give my crossed fingers a rest now: “Relatively Progressive” now belongs to the city of Shoreline!


The city will add my collage to its permanent art collection! In addition to my work centering the civil rights leader Edwin Pratt, Shoreline acquired two other pieces from the “Living the Dream” exhibit: Kemba Opio’s “Sunday Living”…

20190126_194307 - Copy.jpg

… and “A Brighter Tomorrow” by Vincent Keele.

Vincent Keele with Sarah Haycox, who helped name a Shoreline early education center after Edwin Pratt

Vincent Keele with Sarah Haycox, who helped name a Shoreline early education center after Edwin Pratt

I’m so thrilled to have created a collage that speaks to the African American presence in Shoreline, as well as the city’s present-day reckoning with its past. Public art coordinator and curator David Francis and I have had some illuminating conversations in that regard. And I’m grateful to the Black Heritage Society of Washington, which holds the original image of Edwin Pratt I used in “Relatively Progressive.”

"Living the Dream" exhibit: Fingers crossed...

“Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” closes today, but I’m not sad. I’m like 99% sure I don’t have to bring home “Relatively Progressive”…

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

… because someone’s very interested in adding it to their collection!

As I said earlier, I felt almost compelled to create a piece for this exhibit: I use family photos in my work as often as I can, most recently in the Liberty Bank Building portraits. So it was a treat to use images from the Pratt Family Legacy Collection.

20190126_194617 - Copy.jpg

There’s a possibility someone else is interested in “Rare & Exquisite (CA)” as well.

20190126_195648 - Copy.jpg

Let’s hope both go to new homes, yeah? Fingers crossed.

Available art: sometimes you *can* take it with you

Usually when you visit a museum, you have to leave the art on the walls. Not this time. 


When You're Not From Around Here, Are You? closes in April, I expect most of these pieces to go home with someone else. Like you... yes, you, the art lover.

St. Felicia, Defender of Personal Space_website.jpg

"St. Felicia, Patron Saint of Farewells (Defender of Personal Space)" is already spoken for: she'll be shipped to a collector in Atlanta. Two other collectors are interested in the St. Felicia devotional candles as well. (One or two candles are still available.)

St. Felicia devotional candles.jpg

And in case you were wondering, these art patrons asked to buy the pieces on an installment payment plan. I'm also able to take payment for some items through my online shop. If you're interested in these artworks, please contact me here. You really can take it with you! And if you can't, you can always support me as an artist by sharing this post with another art collector.