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"Living the Dream" exhibit: Fingers crossed...

“Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life” closes today, but I’m not sad. I’m like 99% sure I don’t have to bring home “Relatively Progressive”…

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

“Relatively Progressive,” 2019, by Lisa Myers Bulmash.

… because someone’s very interested in adding it to their collection!

As I said earlier, I felt almost compelled to create a piece for this exhibit: I use family photos in my work as often as I can, most recently in the Liberty Bank Building portraits. So it was a treat to use images from the Pratt Family Legacy Collection.

20190126_194617 - Copy.jpg

There’s a possibility someone else is interested in “Rare & Exquisite (CA)” as well.

20190126_195648 - Copy.jpg

Let’s hope both go to new homes, yeah? Fingers crossed.

Almost ready for prime time

The varnish is on the collage portraits, and curing steadily!


The Liberty Bank Building founder portraits are all done except the framing (which I’ve chosen but will have someone else do for me). After living with this project for nearly two years, it’s a little strange to put away the paper bits for good.


The Liberty Bank apartments are almost ready as well, and the builders expect to install my work in the residents’ lounge early next month. So we should be celebrating the grand opening soon; I’ll let you know when!

Moving day: transporting art to NAAM

It's real and it's happening and it's really real...

20171020_084554 - Copy.jpg

The first two works for my solo show are loaded and almost ready to go to the Northwest African American Museum! Lots more to come -- twenty more, in fact. (More than that if I count the triptychs as nine separate works.)


Although the collector was happy to loan out the pieces, she says she already misses them. I can see why: they're fully part of her home now. [happy sigh]

20171014_141135 - Copy.jpg

I know that bittersweet feeling myself... but soon I'll be too busy to mope over it. I've got a show to install!