The Great Mystery Project: getting a head start

I'd meant to start on the Great Mystery Project (the GMP) in January, but the ideas are coming right now. So I'm getting a head start with some prep work.

These will be similar to the washboard-mounted altered books I completed a few months ago. I've culled potentially useful text and images.

Next I'll seal the text block (all the pages) together. Normally I use a couple of trigger clamps to hold things in place while the gel medium dries.

But that section has to dry before I add more gel medium to the next section. Which slows things down, even if I speed things along a little with a heat gun. So I'm making book presses to hold the text block in place.

The presses are simple: vinyl cutting boards, carriage bolts and wing nuts. (The colors set my teeth on edge slightly, but these boards were cheaper than the bamboo ones.) On to smearing gluey stuff all over the place!

Posted on December 11, 2015 and filed under art practice.