A veteran to remember

Just a brief note to wish you a happy Veterans Day... and speaking of veterans, today would be an excellent time to learn a little more about a remarkable veteran blessed by St. Felicia.

Photo credit: Diane Venti

Photo credit: Diane Venti

Take a closer look at the devotional candles set between the St. Felicia icons.

St. Felicia devotional candles.jpg

The candle second to the left honors Cathay Williams, a veteran of the American Civil War. On the back of the candle, I placed a brief summary of her life story:

We venerate Cathay Williams, favorite of St. Felicia, Patron Saint of Farewells.

Born into slavery in Missouri, Williams is best known as the only African American woman to serve in the US Army during the 1800s. She did so by disguising herself as a man. Williams once said she enlisted because she “wanted to make [her] own living and not be dependent on relations or friends.”

May we follow Cathay Williams’ example and gain favor with St. Felicia.

All of the devotional candles will be available for purchase on my website on November 17th. In the meantime, go forth and make Cathay Williams (and St. Felicia) proud!