Wish you were here: postcards as art

Just for kicks, I've started sending out postcards to my friends every so often. I've finally gotten around to framing a few for myself.

postcards on nightstand (3).jpg

The Husband gave me a set of these postcards as a gift; they're reproductions of classic Penguin paperback book covers. When I rearranged some of them, they made me laugh out loud.

framed postcards (2).jpg

But I couldn't fill in the center space for the second trio until a few days ago, when I rediscovered this postcard: "Portrait of a Black Woman" by Marie-Guillemine Benoist.

postcard from Louvre & Penguin book.jpg

I love this image for many reasons, but most of all because of this woman's pro-level side-eye. Apparently her very existence, like that of so many black women, gets people all riled up. So now she's the demigoddess of my nightstand.

postcards on nightstand (3).jpg

Put together with the other postcards, it makes for a lovely vignette that also warns people to Let Me SLEEP.