Work-in-progress: close to this month's finish line

This year, Presidents' Day holiday is going down in my personal history as the first one in which I found it easier than usual to get into the studio.

I accomplished the above progress in a day, setting aside an earlier image that didn't work for the niche.  It might not look like I got a lot done, but the thing is... I got it done with hardly any interruptions -- while the kids were home, and awake. (I know... I'm still stunned myself)  While they're busy elsewhere, today I have:

  • picked up candleholders from Goodwill for a piece I'll work on next month
  • scoured my usual sources to replace a washboard that was too small (found one on Craigslist)
  • started laundry, which may or may not get folded

Will tomorrow be as productive, after I get home from the day job? Probably not, but I do have some things I can work on that don't require as much running around. And if no artwork happens later tonight... there's always laundry.  

Posted on February 15, 2016 and filed under art practice, parenting.