Work-in-progress: slow but steady

I've had a productive week working on my goals as well as working in the studio. (Plus my six-year-old has been behaving himself consistently too. I don't know if this is a miracle or a sign of the apocalypse.) I'm working on a series of five pieces.

I have the ideas and symbolism adequately fleshed out, but weirdly enough, that hasn't sped along the process. I think I may have a little trouble switching gears between 2D work...

... and 3D work. I was trying to work on the assemblage and two altered books at the same time, and I couldn't establish a good work rhythm. Kind of like hearing a new driver mangle stick shift gears. Things picked up speed once I decided to work only on the book elements.

Tomorrow I'll be back to tearing a niche in another book. The assemblage will have to wait a while.