Work-in-progress: St. Felicia

I've had to bring my work home with me several times this month, but I've also had enough studio time to make progress on the "St. Felicia" pieces.

You might remember the internet has proclaimed St. Felicia the patron saint of farewells...

Actually, the image is of St. Ifigenia, an African virgin saint and protector of women forced into marriage. (Bonus black feminist points!) So I'm aiming for an independent woman symbol: less agonized parting, more "don't bring that nonsense around here."

Just so happens these ballerina dolls were striking the right pose, so their arms have been repurposed into halos of dismissal.

Count on doll parts to add a touch of weird to any artwork. For the moment, the assemblages still look more like "the world's creepiest seder plate," according to The Husband.

Oh, it's gonna stay creepy and weird for a while. That's part of the fun. I hope these pieces will add many laughs of recognition to the Great Mystery Project. More to come...