Snow news is good news

I get a little twitchy when it snows this hard, but studio time and good news are helping me forget the worst of Snowmageddon 2019.

studio sill before-after.jpg

Just found out I made the cut for the upcoming group exhibit at CoCA Seattle! Artists submitted more than 1300 works for the “Motherland” show; juror Amanda Manitach winnowed it down to 121 pieces. So next month, “St. Felicia, Slayer of Fools” will hang in CoCA’s gallery space.

St. Felicia, Slayer of Fools_website.jpg

I’m especially pleased about that last bit. Some pieces in the “Motherland” exhibit will be viewable online only. I think sculpture in general — and assemblage in particular — makes more sense visually when you can see it in person.

20190203_123140 - Copy.jpg

You know that Twyla Tharp quote about running away without actually leaving home? Yeah, that was me, holing up in the studio during my kids’ seemingly-endless snow days. The result: a new collage that’s been nudging me for the past couple months.

friendship served blue-rare.jpg

I was going to call it “A Friend in Me” but I may change the title to “Friendship, Served Blue-Rare.” (More on that in another post.) And despite the slippery roads, I made it through the snow to deliver work to Ghost Gallery for this month’s “Art of Tarot III” exhibit.

GhostGallery_Tarotshowwall - Copy.jpg

Apparently it all worked out in the end, but don’t worry; this hasn’t changed me. I will continue to complain loudly about the snow no matter how much it benefits my art practice.