Hoo Lord! -- Ivy Myers, blues aficionado

Original image of children & doll carriage: Library of Congress

Behold the wonders of colorization and image resizing, in service of a commissioned artwork!

The client wanted an altered notebook in which she and her children could record Christmas memories every year. So I bought a wired notebook with acid-free paper, and created this piece. Her kids are big into soccer, surprise surprise. And she loves angels, an element which was easy to incorporate in this theme. The back was a little tougher to conceptualize, but I figured something out. Then the client and I discussed a mock-up with the elements, and the rest is now waiting to be scribbled in on December 25th.

You know, you could have something this charming and personalized, too. Email me in the comments section.

I don't even think of myself as having made a lot of art to show yet, but man... even with the batch uploader from Flickr, it took a long time. Especially when I went back and blurred faces on some pictures. And I haven't even scanned the card samples I've kept for my portfolio-such-as-it-is. Still need to make some sort of blog banner too. Don't laugh when I post it -- it'll be my first. Yes, I could hire someone, but right now the cash flow doesn't run that deep.

Go look at the pretty pictures, why dontcha.