Preach on, "sister"

She's probably getting more traffic than she can handle, but God bless Bethany Keeley at My husband forwarded the Yahoo! News article to me. Finally, an answer to my oft-repeated question: "Was I the only one who was paying attention in school?" Of course you were, honey, that's why you're running a multimedia empire from this corner of the blogosphere.

Really, though, what's so hard about remembering this:

  • -- Quotations are for quoting someone's words, spoken, printed, or thought out. (That last one's for the novel writers and English lit grads in the crowd. Don't try that unless you're a trained professional.)
  • -- Underlining is for emphasizing something you want people to pay attention to. (Excuse me -- "something to which you want people to pay attention." Oh look -- there's a grammatically correct quote!) If you're really confused, put the emphasized word in bold typeface or in italics.

Unfortunately, Ms. Keeley's blog brings out my peevish side, and you probably don't know me well enough yet to find that charming. So I'm gonna have to end my praise-a-thon right here. "...And we're walking... and we're walking... and we're stopping." (Name the movie that quote came from, and I'll send you your very own artist trading card!)
Posted on September 22, 2007 and filed under "like it love it want some more of it".