Blog candy from the 800-lb. gorilla

One of the ATCs for those lovely peoples who put in suggestions to name the 800-lb. gorilla: Tally, Mija, Cathie and Stacie.
From Tally: "Tar-zhay" for Target;"Las Vegas for kids" for Chuck E. Cheese
From Mija: "No Morals Mart" or "Smallheart" (more love for Wal-Mart); "Suckway" for her local Safeway supermarket; "Greedy Boss" for Reed and Cross (a high-end gift shop in Oregon).
From Cathie: "Ghetto Gap" for Old Navy. (In case y'all didn't know, Gap owns Old Navy and Banana Republic.)
From Stacie: "Group Death" for Group Health Cooperative (it's like Kaiser Permanente); "Boring" for Boeing.I glued images down first, then surrounded them with Golden light molding paste. Then I mixed Quinacridone Red and Oxide Yellow to make orange, and painted the paste.
Next, I painted the image as well as the paste with a drop of Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) mixed with some gel matte medium. It helped tie the image to the paste color, but the paste was a little too bright.

So I coated it with a wash of Michael deMeng's special secret sauce that he uses to grunge up his creations. (See, I'm using what I've learned, Mom.) Then a hole punch in the corner for some fibers and voilà -- coolness.Fun, fun, fun. I like this game.