Feelin' a little snitty

I won! I won!

Ooh, I feel extra bloggery. I've been tapped by Jan as being in a creative snit! Here's the definition:

a state of creative chaos, creative frustration, or a state of obsessive creativity: "she was in a creative snit"

Therefore, worthy recipients of this prestigious award should demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

1) photos of their chaotic creative studio spaces (see my blog for example)
2) reports of staying up till the wee hours of the morning while consuming large amounts of coffee and or chocolate in order to finish a swap or prepare for a show
3) documented frustration over the creative process
4) evidence of a large quantity of art created over a small period of time
5) photos of the recipient at vendor night at any art retreat ( it goes without saying that ALL attendees at such events are either in or will soon be in a creative snit)

6) ( created especially for Jan) witnessing the recipient in a SNIT at a CREATIVE EVENT!

You saw my studio/counter the other day... that definitely qualifies under #1. I'll be showing evidence of #2, #3 and #4. Number 5 can be seen here. And I'm even in good company -- my Art & Soul roomie has also been tagged!

Since thanking the little people is so done, I'd like to thank the tall people (that would be you, Jan). Seriously though, today I wasn't feeling so queenly.

There are some days when I wonder why the hell I read as many art blogs as I do. Professional jealousy and all. Especially jealous of the amazing artists who are younger than me. I know, everyone takes their own path and makes their own art. And the people I envy so much have their own issues. But sometimes I'm pretty good at making myself feel small and stupid.

So I figured the best I could do is not look at any blogs for a day or two. But I did check my email -- and Sweetie McSweeterson (again, stand up, Jan) was there for me.

I'm tagging Ricë, Catherine, and Julie... oooh, more bloggy feelings.