I missed you too. So much that I got off my behind and took pictures to share. That's my dad and me at our first LA beach trip, after my family moved from the East Coast. Love the 70's square Afro my dad's sporting? Of course you do.

Right after I decompressed from Art & Soul Portland, I made some progress on the Illuminated Vision artist book I started in LK Ludwig's class. You'll remember my "poem" was the song Someday by Sugar Ray. These are the hard pages I was approaching with a bit of anticipation and hesitation. They're the ones inspired by these verses:

Just close your eyes and I'll take you there
This place is warm, without a care
We'll take a swim in the deep blue sea

I go to leave but you reach for me

Thoughtful of me to close my eyes in that picture, 25 years before the song hit the radio. (Damn! 25 years?!) And yes, the shore of Santa Monica was quite warm that day, in English or in Greek.
I knew these foreign-language flash cards would come in handy... snapped them up at Vendor Night.
Wasn't sure if I should make a transfer of the image of my father and me. The original is not as sharp as a digital photo would be, and the transfer would only be less distinct. But then I thought, it's kind of appropriate that the image is reversed and difficult to see, what with this being so far in the past. And the viewer's memory of the clearer image should hold, as long as the transfer is on the next page. So, before...
... and after.
Also highlighted each head in the transfer, and finally got to use another one of those sacred hearts I picked up I don't know when.

More later on the craft fair production, and Thanksgiving with half of the in-laws.