I done learnt a few things about art for sale, after yesterday's holiday craft fair. In order of occurrence in the twisty little corners of my mind:

-- The more expensive items (the full-sized notebooks, as opposed to the palm-sized mini notebooks) sold first. I think that was true of this year's and last year's craft fair. Don't know if that's because people think bigger is better in general, or for this particular type of artwork.

-- I'd like to find something else smallish to alter. Maybe under a certain size, people doubt that something artistic can also be useful? (Other than iPods, that is.)

-- I need to update my Flickr account with my newer stuff.

-- I need business cards or Moo cards. And I need to decide what art I'll put on the cards.

For those of you who have Moo cards, aren't you afraid people will lose them in their purses/bags/pants pockets, and then not know what your contact info is?
This year's craft fair was kinda slow. I blame it on the fact that there was also a craft fair going on simultaneously at the outpatient treatment center of the research institution where I work. The treatment center is uphill -- not a long way, but you know lazy-ass Americans like me. "That's too steep. If I go to both craft fairs, then I have to walk uphill either to get back to my car or to go to the fair up the hill!"

No, I think I'd make the trip. Geez, I'm already there, and the money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Nevertheless, I did make a little cash, and some people didn't sell anything yesterday. The other vendor who was selling notebooks wasn't there this year, so if anyone was interested in a notebook they bought from me. And I pointed some people to my Flickr account so they could order something later. Here's hoping.

I also met a lovely woman named Mary, who's friends with another art friend Stacie (Stacie was one of the co-organizers of the craft fair, as well as a vendor). We got to talking after the fair, andMary said she has a real knack for convincing wholesalers to carry her jewelry. So I asked if I could tag along and see her in action, and she loved the idea.

My brother says I think I need a Ph.D in a subject before I try something new. But preparation + opportunity = "luck." I also learn well from other people's mistakes, which is why my brother's behind saw more spankings than mine did when we were kids.

Probably the best thing about not selling everything at the craft fair: I had said I hoped I'd have a few left over to start the dang Etsy shop. Ask, and ye shall receive, dahling. I'll get this done by the end of this week at the latest. Might not be as purty as everyone else's, but I'm learning once again that sometimes mostly-done is good enough.

Speaking of the in-laws, Nana and Peepaw came over to visit for most of Thanksgiving weekend. It's only our second "family" Thanksgiving, meaning one with relatives as our guests: mostly we've gone elsewhere, or been by ourselves. We had a good time, and no blood was shed. The Husband cooked: turkey tenderloins, collard greens with pancetta (mmmmmmmm...), stuffing, and cranberry sauce from the can (homemade is good too, but it doesn't wiggle enough to be as funny as the canned stuff).

The Boy went to town on the cranberry sauce. The next day, he even ate leftover turkey as long as it was topped with bits of cranberry sauce. And leftover chicken that wasn't breaded nuggets, if it had the beloved sauce bits. And morning oatmeal, with sauce. Good thing we ran out.

Nana and Peepaw have lots of prior experience with (his) grandchildren, so they have a grand old time running around with and reading to The Boy. He's Nana's only biological grandkid, but hopefully my sister-in-law S or I will remedy that soon. Peepaw works out every other day, so he's pretty flexible for over seventy, and Nana just hugs on The Boy and plays until her arthritis pins her to the floor. They've got the tag-team method of Toddler Wrangling down.

The Boy was in denial about Nana and Peepaw going home, so he wouldn't give them hugs when they were leaving. But he came to the door and starting crying when they got into their rental car without him. We cuddled him and reassured him he'd see them when we go to their house this weekend.

Nana also encouraged me to get off my tuchis and get those samples of my notebooks to my friend whose friend owns a local boutique. I told her I was working on it, and that it was too late for the holiday season per se. But Nana said quietly, "you don't know that." Well, we'll see what happens with that. It would be mightily awesome if the boutique peoples want my stuff.

EDIT: Sin of sins! I forgot the sweet potato latkes we had for Thanksgiving! Jaysus, what the heck is wrong with me?! Melt-into-a-blob-o'-happiness good, and the potato starch The Husband uses replaces the usual eggs required for regular latkes. Drool...