I'm melting... aaaaaaaaaaagh

Poor little bastard shoulda known better. This early in the game, rain beats snow here in Extra-Blue State.

On Thursday night, it snowed here, but got washed away overnight. Then it snowed Saturday, and stuck. Then Sunday, it snowed and kept snowing pretty much all day long. Which is fun when you're trying to run with a toddler, across a partially submerged parking lot, to get into a store to buy eggless cookies you should've bought the day before the party you were supposed to be at an hour ago.

I understand we got enough precip (that's weathercaster-speak for rain/snow) in the past few days to fill five clones of a popular local lake. Ended up leaving the day job early today, because The Husband was stuck in traffic, and I was more likely to be able to pick up The Boy on time.

We're dry now. Mostly. Squish squelch squish.