Little arters everywhere

I read the lovely Deryn's post yesterday about blogging passionately, just after I took this picture of the cardboard-and-birdseed feeders at my son's daycare.
Didn't have my camera with me, but The Husband showed me how to transfer my cell phone photo properly. (And of course, your blog host probably offers mobile blogging.) The pic illustrates the comment I made in Deryn's post on successful blogging: carry your camera or camera phone with you to remind you to look for the art around you.

I like reading blogs that show art in everyday life. It could be small-people art on the naked trees... could be your own work or work-in-progress. Nina Bagley is a master of the latter -- in fact, I'd say her blog pictures lean about 8 to 1 in favor of arty bits to photos of finished pieces.

I know sometimes the only photo you feel like posting is one of your own toes, but I believe I've seen more toes in the past year than I have in my entire life. And that's including summer swim team leagues. Scars are interesting, though. Chicks dig scars.