Time's up!

We have two winners! Tally guessed where I kept the figure while I was at work -- right in front of the iced tea...... and Cheryl guessed the closest to the actual number of matchsticks -- 51. (I screwed up the first masking tape t-shirt, so I had to start over.) When was the last time you saw a fire in a fridge? Huh? Can't hear you.

Full disclosure: Tally might've had a bit of an advantage on guessing I'd be crackheaded enough to put the figure there. We've known each other for 30 years. (That still trips me out.) And Cheryl will be one of my Artfest roommates. But the hints these lovely and talented winners received were the same ones you also read in the two previous posts. The only difference was that they shouted their answers before you did.

Blog candy on its way to Tally! Cheryl, email me your snail mail address and I'll get your prize out to you quick-like-bunny.

Next month, we'll have some more fun, with blog candy to someone(s) lucky. Maybe it'll be Valentine's-related, maybe not... depends on my mood. I bet if it's Valentine's-themed, Julie will win. She's the Empress of Sweet.