Nine or ten to go

I'm working on an ATC that incorporates this photo I took at a nearby park this past autumn. I love the little seed pods (?) against the red leaves and the blue sky. Great weather that day; crisp and clear, but slightly overcast so there weren't too many shadows.

At this point I'm in the home stretch: I believe I have ten more to go and then I'll be done with the 27 (oy!) ATCs needed for the Artfest ATC book. However, I might make a few extra, if I decide to keep a few more. It kinda depends on how well I'm able to take a picture of them for my records. One has a tiny glass tube on it, and I think I'll be able to keep the glare off. If so, I'll actually part with it. (I don't have any more glass tubes, so I'm not going to make a duplicate one. Trying to use the stuff I got!)

UPDATE: Not quite as many ATCs to go as I thought -- I've been knocking out two most of the times I sit down long enough to make "just one and then I'll go to bed." And believe me, I procrastinate plenty: The only reason I'm this far along is because I started in December and I have at least two other projects I need to finish by Artfest.

Thanks to Julie for the compliment on my photo. You should see hers -- last year she took a photo a day for eight months, and I totally got hooked on what was going to pop up next. It was like a visual version of the "shuffle" feature on an iPod.

Also, Evil Greg reminded me how to take a decent picture without glare from the glass tube. He's my Shell Answer Man.