Ba-rock the casbah

So The Husband and The Boy went to caucus for Barack Obama today. Here in Extra-Blue State, the Democratic Party is assigning delegates according to which candidate wins the caucus process. We have a primary, but it's pointless -- your primary vote doesn't get counted in the delegate-assigning process. (The state Republican Party assigns half its delegates at caucus, half through the primary.)

But apparently The Husband waited too long to head out to the caucusing place. He says there were cars parked in every side street, every parking lot, for about two miles around. And you reallyreallyreally don't want to walk that far with a toddler. In the rain.

So he gave up, and called me to rant about how he's tempted to sue the state Democratic Party on the grounds that the process is economically biased against anyone who has trouble participating (need to work, need to find a babysitter, etc.). He talks about suing a lot, but this is because he is Lawyer Spawn.

[See, this is the difference between him and me. I would've parked illegally, gotten a button or sticker or some such for The Boy, taken pictures of him and the crammed parking lots, and then grumbled my way home.]

So this sucks, but on the upside, there are so many people caucusing that Extra-Blue State might line up for the Audacity of Hope.