Altered notebook commission

I have a new commission -- sort of.

A new client wants to buy an acid-free version of this notebook I have up on Etsy:
Which would be fairly easy to make, since the original's staring me in the face and I should be able to get the acid-free notebook. (It's like the one I used for this commission, only without ribbons.) But there's a slight problem: I've used up all of the paper I used for the background. Googled it and called the store where I originally purchased it, but it's no longer available. Arrgh.

So I've emailed the client to let her know, and attached photos of some papers I think would work as substitutions. The finished piece will be a gift for an artistic-type guy who also thinks very linearly.
Manly enough? What do you think?

UPDATE: All is well.. it turns out one of the other papers meshed perfectly with the interests of the gift recipient. I'll see the client next week!'

P.S.: Now stressing about whether I'm charging too much. I emailed her an estimate of costs and The Husband said it was too much. So now I'm thinking the client will back out. I won't find out, likely, until Monday or Tuesday. We're supposed to meet at the beginning of the week. [whiny fussing baby sound]