Happy third one

Presents are twice as fun when they're covered in Spider-Man!

The Boy is now officially three years old, and this weekend we had a dual birthday party for him and his day care pal who was born three days after him. Low-key, at least from a party-planning perspective: we went to the indoor play place and had pizza for the kids. Fortunately, Beth and I planned ahead, and we mostly were prepared for the guests, their parents, and the... um... "bonus guests."

Nana flew in for the festivities, sans Peepaw, because Peepaw is an accountant and is just a little busy at this time of the year. She climbed into the ball pit with The Boy (not for long -- she did get back out after the picture was taken) and had a little pizza with everyone too. Nana visits for two reasons: The Boy, and our junk food. See, junk food has no calories if it's eaten outside of your home state.
Note Nana's pitching arm, which is much better than The Boy's swing. No, I take that back. The Boy has a great swing -- down. He approaches the ball Bam-Bam-style.

Don't worry, the bat and the ball are both padded. No grandparents were harmed in the making of this blog post.