What the hell is that?!

It's breaking local art news, that's what.

SEATTLE, 9:15pm PST -- Art fueled up at a local gas station tonight, driven by artist Andy Green.
Green said he altered his van for Burning Man 2007. The left side of the van gave a nod to its creator's name, decorated with swooping letters reading "Green Burrito Verde." The word "Kundalini" appeared on the back; a ladder was strapped to the front.
The right side of the vehicle read "Tacos Tantric Tuneup." Another motorist pumping gas asked Green if he actually sold tacos from the van.
Green said he gave them away. It was unclear whether he was joking. The van's interior was crowded with bongo drums and other items, but a food preparation area was not clearly visible under the strings of green and white lights.
Green, a Seattle resident, says he plans to add "a percussion tortilla" around the exterior of the van for Burning Man 2008.


Thanks to Andy Green for answering my questions and letting me take pictures. See, this is why you carry a camera with you! (Oh, the irony: Three years after I carried a camera phone for work and never used it, I use my own for a blog post. Damn, I should've used the video function.)