Today... ugh, stayed home from work because the cold I'm fighting won this round. I spent most of the day unconscious. According to the Urban Dictionary, that makes me a bit of a sleep slut.

But yesterday, I made another page in my artist book about my parents.
I decided to repeat the chorus of "Someday," focusing on my mom this time. This time the first line, Just close your eyes and I'll take you there, seemed to speak to me more than the second line, this place is warm without a care. The keyhole -- a real one! -- kicked it into gear. As far as I can tell, her first name is an English name meaning "hidden."

Since the keyhole is pretty heavy, I attached it to corrugated paper on one side, but that wasn't enough. The slide mailer on my desk was perfect.We went on a bus tour of western Europe the summer I graduated. We were in the Netherlands when our tour guide told us Yeltsin had taken over the Kremlin. I thought made a lovely historical touch.