Practically at the finish line

I put the hair on the mother figure, wired the baby figure onto her back, and took pictures! Unfortunately, I couldn't post them before heading out the door, but they'll be up tonight. Still a few more steps:

-- apply E6000 to the feet of the mother figure

-- wire mother figure's feet into the tree stump and forest floor

-- wire one of her hands to the stump

-- cover exposed foot and hand on stump

-- possibly add transfer and attach heart

-- coat with soft gel gloss and varnish

Hang in there with me!

EDIT: Okay, so this is what they look like from the front:
In west Africa, that's what you'll see when a mother is walking toward you: a woman with tiny feet sticking out from each side of her waist.The baby sling knotted on her chest:And the baby strapped to mommy's back:
If you think that's a lot of yarn for hair, you should've seen the mother before I gave her a haircut and tied up the rest.
I almost put the "branded on the heart" text somewhere else, but I realized how perfect it was on the sleeve.
I need to retake the sleeve detail pictures, but they'll do for now. 'Night.