Ugh! Get on with it already!

I still like the assemblage I'm making for Artfest, but I have taken waaaay too long to get it done. I had the concept way back in late November or early December, because I was drawing the main sketch while I worked the holiday craft fair.This is one of two figures I'm putting on a base, a mother and baby. I started out making the baby's t-shirt a week or two ago. Also added text on the back.
Then last night I made the shirt into a onesie. I finally attached the face and hair last night as well, partly to get myself into the home stretch of assembly. I have this thing about not attaching the face until the end... I mean, I burned masking tape on both the "baby" and the "mother", and I've drilled holes into the mother. I can't do that with a face looking at me! Wouldn't you want to be completely unaware while someone was (re)creating your body?

Yes, the figure has two faces. Yes, that's on purpose. I placed a page pebble (you know, those domed clear thingies) over the first image, then adhered a transfer of the second image.
You know how these poseable figures have no ass? I rolled up some paper and made the baby a tushie (that's Yiddish for "backside" for all you goyim out there.) Did the same for the mom, but added a lot more paper. [Insert "Baby Got Back" joke here.]

After I finally finish this project, I have something in mind for The Husband for our anniversary. (I give him art every year. This was actually his idea.) And I want to finish up the LK Ludwig class project from Art & Soul, so I can show it to her after class at Artfest. Oh, and did I mention I need to finish Photoshopping a business card into existence?

I'd like to do more blog candy stuff, but I gotta get this done! Well, it's been said that if you want to get something done, give it to a busy person...